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Biason Family

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Brazilian brothers Geferson and Cassiano Biason design and craft jewelry in gold. They live in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

It all began in 2002 when Cassiano began working in a company there. After some years, he decided to work independently. Geferson remembers, "I became interested in the work when I saw the result of my brother's creations.

"At first, I worked only at night and, after two years of learning, I left my job to devote all my time to creating jewelry. After the first ten years, we were happy to find you in order to reach a new market and we hoped more people would see and be interested in our work.

"What attracted us most for crafting artisanal jewelry was the possibility of creating unique designs, with a concept of beauty and innovation that provides a real sensation of well-being to those who wear them.

"Our passion is to create the best jewelry possible, taking great care with each detail. Our work is much more than a job — it is our way of expressing ourselves to the world.

"We take pride in being fair and honest with our work. We're proud of creating original designs that bring benefits for the community in general — collaborators, family and shoppers. Our plan is to make this venture better and better, so that what we do always has a real meaning, where all involved are winners.

"We are grateful to God for having created a world with so many possibilities. To the family for support and incentives. To all of you for recognition. And to everyone for believing in our work and giving us this fantastic opportunity. We will continue on this path of creativity."