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NOVICA Artisan Annapurna


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I was born in 1970 in Jaipur. People describe me as creative, caring and hardworking. Life is not always a bed of roses; there are ups and downs but I’m a very positive thinker. When things are not going well, I focus on work since it keeps me engaged and is also very rewarding.

I have been interested in crafting leather-bound journals since I was a child. This art involves recycling materials to convert them into beautiful notebooks.

"My aunt taught me and, to master this craft, I had to practice a lot but I've never gotten bored or felt like giving it up.

"We use cotton shreds discarded by garment factories. We cut the shreds into smaller pieces and convert them to pulp to recycle as handmade paper. Creating paper without cutting down trees gives me immense satisfaction.

"I derive inspiration by reading about women who have achieved big things in their lives. This motivates me to work harder. We started with nothing but my interest in crafts, and my workshop was very small at first. Today, I am able to benefit the artisans who have helped me keep going.

"I work with my son and with skilled women who create unique and original designs. We train and employ women living in the surrounding areas, which enables them to earn a decent livelihood and support their families.

"I want to keep innovating, creating designs that people love."