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NOVICA Artisan Cahya Krisna

Cahya Krisna

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I was born in 1997 in Bali. My twin brother and I have one younger sibling. My friends say I'm passionate and diligent. My childhood was just splendid. I spent most of my time with neighbors, just strolling with our bicycles, flying kites and swimming at the local lake. Such good times!

I'm very grateful to have been born and raised in a town full of creative people. Many artisans in my hometown have worked with silver and gold for generations.

My dad graduated from high school and my mom only finished middle school, but both are known as brilliant silversmiths. They have been crafting jewelry since they were young.

I first learned about silver from my parents and began working with them when I was 15. Then, I began helping my uncle design jewelry as well.

In high school, I took metal crafting classes and I learned how to design and craft my own earrings, bracelets, and other jewelry.

I feel at peace when I'm around my family and I hope to have children one day. Aside from designing, I enjoy playing volleyball.

Someone once said to me, 'You have to build a boat before you cross the river. Feel the painful work first and then you will be able to be happy.'

The challenge of my art is creating new designs and crafting them into quality jewelry. I work with my relatives and my uncle helps coordinate the tasks in the workshop. We use brass, silver and gold.

I hope you will help me take my designs around the world.