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NOVICA Artisan Suar Dwipayana

Suar Dwipayana

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My name is Kadek Suar Dwipayana and I was born in a village of silversmiths in 1991. Almost everyone in my hometown crafts silver jewelry with techniques that have been passed down for generations. Both my parents worked with silver before they got married and started a family.

My childhood was the best! Every day after school, I'd meet my friends and we'd play at the river and run around in the village. I love fishing as a hobby and also enjoy soccer. I was known as a nosy brat, although I get along with people very easily.

"I attended elementary school in my village, then moved to a larger town for high school. At college, I specialized in computers.

"One of the greatest challenges I've faced so far happened while I was at the university. I had to finish my final paper and there were lots of temptations and challenges that I needed to ignore and overcome to write it. I found the inspiration to do so in my family, especially my parents, and I want to make them proud of me. I stayed focused and eventually earned my degree because knew it would be a great gift for my parents to see me graduate.

"When I was 19, I began working with silver. Although I knew only the basics, which my parents taught me, I gradually became very interested in this craft. I began by smoothing the silver pieces and then moved onto more intricate techniques. I would watch my father creating new jewelry all the time.

"Now, I work at home with three other family members.

"The best part about my work is trying to create the most unique jewelry designs. When making jewelry, I challenge myself to craft a piece as good or better than what I had in mind."