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Asmara Putra

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My name is Asmara Putra, which literally means, 'son of love.' I was born in 1991 in Celuk, famous for its silver jewelry. My father, Wayan Asmana, is a featured artisan and a master silversmith.

I've watched him and my mother craft silver jewelry ever since I was a boy. When I was in junior high school, they began teaching me our family art and I learned about materials, tools and techniques. After graduating with a degree in English literature, I started setting up my own silver jewelry workshop.

I really like Bali's engraving motifs, and I include them in most of the jewelry I craft. When I was just starting, people underestimated me, but I took everything as a positive improvement so I could make my work better and better.

The more people criticized me, the more motivation I gained. I've learned by doing and by being aware of my past failures, until things finally became stable. I believe that by continuing to work hard, there is a way to find a satisfying result.

My father always suggested that I live a simple and humble life because life is not only for the present day, but also for a bright future.

I married my beautiful wife in 2016 and we have a son. Becoming a father means being responsible for my small family and improving our situation by working hard.

I enjoy Bali's traditional music that my father plays. My hobby is playing tennis twice a week.

I use sterling silver with gemstone beads to create jewelry designs that are different. I work with my wife and with the help of my friends who support my ideas.