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NOVICA Artisan Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas

I was born in the Gulf country of Oman in 1984 but I have made my home in the beautiful country of India. From a young age, I knew that art was my calling and I dabbled with all forms of art. I chose to specialize in textiles when I enrolled in college.

My mother and grandmother are both very creative and I couldn't be happier that they passed on their creative genes to me. They inspired my outlook on art and life, and they played a large role in shaping my career.

"My work is not only my passion but also a tribute to my mother and grandmother. My family is very congenial and supportive. A day seldom goes by without me breaking into a laughing fit when I'm around them. I struggled with clinical depression as a child and only my work and my family got me through that period, for which I'm eternally grateful.

"I mostly work with silk and, occasionally, with cotton. The only obstacle I face is the woven structure of the fabric — sometimes it's very thick and cannot be easily manipulated, and other times, it's too flimsy and can drive the sanest person mad.

"The technique I use depends on the character of the fabric. My inspiration comes from what I see around me. When certain patterns and color combinations catch my eye, I try to replicate them in my work. I also rely on my memories — I try to create a mood that reminds me of a particular feeling or moment in time.

"In the beginning, I was worried about being able to start my own workshop but, with the overwhelming support of my family and friends, this turned out to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. My qualms were relieved by my husband, who handles administrative matters. We both play to our strengths, which has helped us succeed.

"I hope to make my work recognized on a global scale. I try to give back to the community by teaching underprivileged children while also teaching at my alma mater. I hope to take on more students as I feel that children have a unique way of looking at things and there is nothing nobler than to pass on your knowledge to the next generation."