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Patricia Lopez

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I'm Patricia Lopez Laurente and I was born in the beautiful and historic city of Lima. I consider myself to be an honest, friendly and creative woman. I enjoy learning about textiles and have liked knitting since I was a girl. I've always loved fashion and mixing textures and shapes.

I was very fortunate to have parents who gave me a good education. After finishing high school, I studied industrial engineering in the university. I graduated with honors and worked as an engineer for different companies, but didn't forget my passion for fashion. Although I had a job, I also developed ideas for a future in textiles. Not a day went by when I didn't sketch my ideas because it was the only activity that made me feel happy and free. My heart said I should give myself 100 percent to fashion sooner and later. It was constant struggle and I never gave up.

"I traveled a lot through Peru with my family — visiting distant provinces and towns where I toured alpaca and vicuña farms. I also had the chance to see the talent of our artisans crafting beautiful items that preserve our textile legacy. This is an art that is passed down from generation to generation. This not only inspired me, it pushed me to work with our fine natural fibers like alpaca and pima cotton yarn.

"The most difficult part of working on my own was creating apparel by hand without any help. I had to find the confidence to work in a team with other textile artisans. Commitment and time management are lessons I've learned and mastered. I also think preparation and constant training are key.

"My inspiration is born from the natural beauty of landscapes that delight us. From the mountains to the jungle, the white clouds, the deep blue sky, imposing mountains, vast green fields — all of those things make my creativity flow so I can develop my ideas.

"I also love to travel and see the haute couture runways in New York or Paris. This has helped me create my own style. One of my goals is to make my apparel and accessories known and expand my designs around the world. We are always proud of our country and are always inspired by its infinite beauty."