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NOVICA Artisan Jose Luis Pariona

Jose Luis Pariona

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I was born in 1981 in a small and beautiful village in the Junin department in Peru. It's a small but prosperous city where people work in agriculture and handicrafts. I consider myself a modest, responsible and persevering man.

I spent my childhood with my mom, who was both mother and father to me. She put a lot of effort, dedication and, most of all, love into raising me. We worked day and night to get ahead. While my mother looked after the house, I attended school and tried to learn useful skills. I went to live with my uncle when I was 11, as he needed help in his jewelry workshop. In exchange for helping him, he gave me money that I could send to my mother and I immediately accepted his kind offer.

"But life took me down different paths. I attended school as I was able to and, with the money available, I was able to specialize in mechanics. With my diploma in hand, I went to Lima to find work and look for a place to open a shop, but it was very difficult. After working with my uncle, I still hoped that one day I'd go back to crafting jewelry. I felt as though my heart was saying, 'Come on, Jose, you have to do this!'

"I promised myself that one day I'd finish what I started. I decided to give it a try, based on what I'd observed. I'm a self-taught jeweler and put a lot of effort, perseverance and dedication into my work ever since I was 14. I practiced a lot to improve my results by continuing to train and learning to overcome obstacles. I'm learning constantly. Taking specialized courses is very important to me because mastering an art requires a lot of work and sacrifice.

"What I enjoy most about my art is arriving at my workshop and letting my ideas flow... the combination of emotions when I'm creating my jewelry with my own hands using manual tools to give shape to my designs. I'm inspired by Peru's history and having been born in a country full of natural and cultural riches.

"“One of my dreams is to be recognized for my creativity, designs and quality. I’m happy to showcase my art and having the opportunity to grow."