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NOVICA Artisan Sehal Agarwal

Sehal Agarwal

I'm Sehal Agarwal and I was born in March of 1994 in India. Those who know me well describe me as someone who is helpful and straightforward.

My interest in jewelry developed during college when I went for a visit to a jewelry workshop. On reaching there, I witnessed artisans and craftsmen working and I was very impressed by the resulting jewelry, which was elegant.

"I have learned the designing and crafting skills from my teachers and seniors at college. I love imparting this knowledge to my juniors as well. I had to learn more about both the trends and techniques to master this craft.

"I love working with sterling silver and natural gemstones. We procure them from the local market as raw silver and uncut gems. We use them according to the design and give them the desired texture. We also recycle and reuse some of the materials.

"My favorite part of this art is that I can modulate things. I can experiment and present the stones and metal in variety of designs and textures. The challenging part is to analyze the trends, market and taste of the people.

"Nature, home, furniture, calligraphy, anything and everything around me all inspire me.

"My brother helps me source my materials and also looks after selling my designs. My aim is to create a fashion identity where I can sell affordable jewelry with high quality."