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NOVICA Artisan Luz Delgado

Luz Delgado

I was born in 1992 in Lima. My family and friends consider me a solidary and proactive person. I've enjoyed art since I was a girl, especially drawing and painting. Over the years, this interest became a desire to create something and that's when I discovered my passion for fashion.

At the age of 20, I began studying fashion design and this helped me put my ideas in order and find a purpose for developing my art. Expressing my creativity through apparel brings me total satisfaction, and even more so when there are the added dimensions of social work and environmental improvement.

"I think we don't realize how much work and effort it takes to transform an idea into a successful project until we actually begin to put it into practice. Many times, I've learned by trial and error, or by repeating and repeating an attempt until I achieve what I wanted.

"For me, it's especially rewarding to know that my proposal can effectuate a small change in the consumer. In recent years, fashion has been taking an unfriendly direction. We produce to produce and we lose sight of important themes that can range from work conditions to the importance of preserving the environment. And this is the most challenging aspect of my work — to transmit a proposal for something different and to communicate this in a way that the shopper understands.

"I work with Peruvian cotton of good quality, in fact, the best in the region. I favor both pima cotton and organic cotton. It's not especially difficult to work with but it does require special care. All of the fibers I use are certified to international quality standards.

"In 2017, I had one of the worst experiences in my life. My father died. But thanks to what he taught me and to my family's love, I'm moving ahead and I want to share this with the people who collaborate with me. I want to help empower others who haven't had opportunities to get ahead in life.

"My inspiration comes from the different manifestations of Peruvian art and culture that are handed down from generation to generation. Our ancient cultures left us techniques — embroidery, dying, weaving and more — developed over centuries past.

"I think I can my benefit my community through offering the opportunity to work under conscientious conditions with a motivation that applies to both the work world as well as our personal lives."