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NOVICA Artisan Daniella Baltodano

Daniella Baltodano

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I'm a jewelry artisan. With each new design, I seek innovation through a creative process that lets me express my feelings in an explosive way. I convey them through silver and gemstones with the idea of pleasing everyone who sees them.

I was born in San José on a winter day in January. In college, I majored in biology and architecture, and worked as an architect for four years. But later, I became fascinated by the wonderful world of jewelry when there was no work to be had in architecture. I originally wanted to study painting, but the class was full so I signed up for silverwork.

"I suppose my style arises from my eight years in architecture. I tried to recover some of my biology studies and began incorporating textures and shapes from the forest. When my husband and I go for walks in the woods, we find tons of treasures along the way. I take them home, where I have my workshop, and try to use these images in my designs. I like to see everything perfectly aligned on an axis.

"For me, simplicity is a part of sophistication. In my family, we've always been very minimalist in our clothing and home décor, so I like my jewelry to be more of a detail than a declaration. My designs have to be delicate and embellish a person and her clothing. I want the wearer to identify in some way with their shapes and colors."