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NOVICA Artisan Diana Arana

Diana Arana

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I was born in 1986 in the province of Cajamarca, where our fertile fields form a beautiful landscape. Here, the scents of eucalyptus, retama shrubs and Peruvian pepper trees fill the air. It is both a privilege and a blessing to have been born here.

My friends tell me I'm a happy woman, creative and a hard worker.

"In 1997, my grandfather died. I was only ten and it was the most difficult time in my life. He is the one who protected us and he was educating me.

"My mother was left with the great responsibility of supporting me and providing my studies until I completed secondary school. I was able to study for a year and a half toward a degree in business administration but, in 2007, my mother lost our house and I had to drop out of college.

"Two years later, my mother told me I had to study something like a technical career and I signed up for jewelry crafting without a second thought. I loved it from the very first day. We learned to work with metals and it was fascinating. I found it just incredible to have found my true passion, thanks to my dear mother's advice.

"I had classes in jewelry and learned techniques I still use today. I attend all the important congresses and conferences so I can continue to grown as a professional.

"Thanks to the hard times my mother and I went through, I was able to find my true passion. I love the look of silver and being able to transform it and combine it with beautiful stones makes me happy. I really enjoy creating designs that enhance a woman's elegance.

"Precious flowers like the orchid inspire me as well as butterflies and dragonflies. Architecture also gives me ideas for shapes and forms.

"One of my dreams for the future is to have a house of my own. I'd love to have a gallery with my own signature collection and I'd hope to see it recognized both locally and internationally."