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NOVICA Artisan Magdaleno Fierro

Magdaleno Fierro

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For as long as I can remember, my parents crafted sculptures in clay. I'm from the state of Mexico. Back then, it was the custom for children to help their parents every day. But as time went by, I found myself fascinated by the way we can capture a bit of ourselves in an object.

Several generations of my family have worked in terracotta and I try each day to pass on my passion for this art to my son.

"I love my work! You could say that what I love most is the way in which every detail of every design can be unique and original. The fine lines are exciting to create. This is something very few people are able to appreciate.

"I try to show my work in the craft fairs where I can exhibit it for free. They're a great source of learning for new ideas. This is also a way of feeding my inspiration, which is principally our Mexican culture, its great mysticism, its magic and its color.

"I work in terracotta, striving to make all of my work unique. My greatest challenge has been the larger designs. But it's fun and I love the challenges in my work. They let me continue growing as an artisan and show me there are no limits to learning in the work you love.

"Today, my most important project is to leave this art as a legacy for my children. I want them to understand the importance of working with enthusiasm and a desire to mature in every aspect of the art. This begins with one's self."