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NOVICA Artisan Bagus Ardhana

Bagus Ardhana

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I was born in Bali in 1994. My childhood was incredible. I'm so happy to live in a family that is able to appreciate one another. Growing up in a polite family made me disciplined in all I do. In Bali, the culture of family has made me better prepared to navigate this life.

I can see how the family had a big influence on what I am doing right now. I was taught to be a strong person physically and mentally, and form habits that support the growth of a positive environment. I will soon move to the next level of life, so these family roles are essential to what I've achieved.

"A friend from Jakarta taught me to work in leather. We combine it with traditional Balinese fabrics to create designs with a heritage. We want to introduce Bali's legendary endek cloth, which originated in our Northern Kingdom in the late 1800s. Originally handwoven on a backstrap loom, endek was once worn by only the highest castes. The ikat motifs are created by tie-dying the weft, or horizontal threads.

"We use leather from Java and endek from Klungkung. I create the designs and five artisans collaborate with us to bring them to life. We want our endeavor to continue to grow so we can make our traditional endek profitable for the weavers and the art won't die out.

"I would invite our young people to continue working and developing new art forms because these will help people overseas to know Bali more deeply, including our arts, culture and traditions.

"This is also why it is important to always maintain the quality, too. If you want to know about something, you have to explore and research more. Do some kind-hearted things with each other. Big smiles all day improve your life!

"I'm a member of Pejuang Beasiswa Bali, the community who fights to get scholarships for a better education in the future. I am also a member of the annual Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, an international event that offers workshops and seminars. I love photography, exploring cafes, talking with others, taking care of things and organizing details.

"I am a single at this moment but, if I have children someday, as a parent I would like to teach them to live a life on their own two feet, one that's pretty enough for them in the future. I'd want them to continue with my art and would encourage them to do so."