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NOVICA Artisan Supannikar


I'm Supannikar Wangmanidakul but you can call me Sai. I was born in Chiang Mai in 1985 and majored in visual communication design in college. I loved drawing, painting and handicrafts so, after graduation, I worked in a designing company.

I've liked to use fabric bags since I was a student and most of my own bags are of cloth. I love the different textile styles because they reflect the personality of the owner.

"One day, my older sister invited me to make and sell handicrafts with her.

"My first handmade item was a tote bag decorated with animal patterns, with cloth I bought from fabric shops. I let my sister try sewing and it came out pretty well. I was happy with it because I wanted to have my own handcrafted tote.

"Today, most of my designs are made with cotton in a variety of colors, motifs and patterns. I choose cotton because it looks good when finished.

"The process starts with selecting a nice fabric, then designing a bag and making a prototype. My sister and I work at home but sometimes I can give work to skillful homemakers to do in their free time, or to university students who want an extra income.

"My dream is to see handbags from Thailand known and appreciated by people from other countries so that I can help my housewives group earn extra money.

"I try to make my designs uniquely Thai in spirit. I hope you like them."