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NOVICA Artisan Mohammed Osman

Mohammed Osman

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Mohammed Osman is my name. I was born on May 1, 1984 in Accra, Ghana. My type of craft is leather working. My friends say I am hardworking, religious and sociable. My most difficult moment in life was completing my primary education. There was no money for me to continue, so I was roaming the streets of Accra without a job until I finally found this work.

I got interested in this craft because of the beauty of the work, which attracted me after I dropped out of school. I was taught by Mr. Musa Ag Biilal. Starting on my own wasn’t easy, because I didn’t have startup capital. I mastered this work by being an apprentice for three years and learning how to craft. I use materials like plywood, white glue, leather and polish.

"My favorite thing about this work is the designing aspect of it. The most challenging part is the rainy season, when it takes longer for my works to dry. My dream is to be successful in life and take care of the poor and needy."