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NOVICA Artisan Jacqueline and Monica

Jacqueline and Monica

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With a firm belief in the power of women to make significant changes in their live, Jacqueline y Mónica seek to offer opportunities to women who struggle day by day with poverty, insecurity and discrimination. These Salvadoran women provide a stable and constant income through a beautiful textile craft. They are reactivating the use of natural dyes that have been fading away over the years as fewer and fewer artisans utilize them.

"I'm Jacqueline. I was born in El Salvador and I come from a wonderful family, although we were very poor. From the time I was small, I worked to pay for my schooling. I thank God that I was able to complete a university degree. This is what has always helped me keep a spirit of striving for my goals, of perseverance.

"I began learning about dyes some time ago. I realized that this would let me have my own workshop, however I wanted to do something with a deeper meaning. With these textile arts, I'm able to help many women by giving them a craft and a place where they can discover their own abilities.

"Thank God, I was able to launch this project I so desired. Yet I knew something was missing. In 2016, I met Monica. She had a shop selling handicrafts where she gave many artisans an opportunity to show their work.

"We instantly clicked. She had all the tools for us to grow together. We joined forces and have formed a wonderful team.

"We've both worked hard to see this artisan project grow. Above all, we've been able to help many women who have learned this art. And with the sales, we're able to help them have a fair and constant income.

"We work with all kinds of designs. Our indigo dyes are marvelous and natural, and the colors are beautiful. My mother helps us create and dye the apparel, and we create a variety of items, from home décor accents to clothing and accessories.

"We believe in the power of women. We've seen the changes their lives can experience. We live in a country where poverty and violence constantly challenge women. We face the struggle together, we work for a better future and we strive to give the new generations a country free of injustice with prosperous jobs and much motivation to be able to get ahead."