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NOVICA Artisan Eduardo and Manuel

Eduardo and Manuel

Eduardo and I are both from Guadalajara, Manuel says. "We share a passion for travel and for exploring new places and customs. In fact, it was while traveling that decided to create new and novel designs inspired by the different cultures and traditions in the parts of Mexico we've visited.

"Edward is a graphic designer. He explores the best options for our prints and he's expert at combining colors. I design our craft items and, together, we find ways to fuse our knowledge and skills.

"Starting out with this project taught us that patience is the best of teachers. Trying something over and over again is also a way to get to know yourself and to achieve excellence.

"We love how we're able to achieve a balance between the artisanal essence and tradition with the proposal of a new design inspired by both.

"Fundamental for us are the colors, traditions and handicrafts of the Mexican states of Oaxaca, Chiapas, Nayarit and Hidalgo.

"We work with 100 percent cotton fabrics such as canvas and muslin. We use polyester in a few of our designs, as well as pinewood and paper. The inks we use are environmentally friendly.

"Eduardo designs the formats, combines styles, tones and forms. I create the concepts and new kinds of pieces, inspired by the traditions of these states.

"Our goal is to convey the colors, shapes and traditions of the different regions in our beloved Mexico. Here, we have an abundance of handcrafted art in functional products that are useful in everyday life. In this way, we are sharing Mexico's folklore with the world."