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NOVICA Artisan Zuñiga Gomez Family

Zuñiga Gomez Family

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With years of experience, the Zuñiga Gomez Family features a great variety of items. Each one has a marvelous history.

“My name is Francisco Zuñiga. My beautiful family is made up of many members, including my brothers and my pets, but the main pillars of my family are my mom, Odilia, and my father, Francisco, who taught us this beautiful art.

“For a long time, my father was attracted by the beauty of jewelry. He worked with various international companies that taught him how to perfect his technique. In one of those companies, he had the fortune of meeting my mom, who also worked in jewelry. It was love at first sight. After some time, they decided to unite their lives with a bond of eternal love. From this love, my brothers and I were born.”

Francisco began working on his own, and in this way his adventurous spirit awoke. With a group of friends, he would travel many miles in search of jade in the Sierra de las Minas, located in the Zacapa department of Guatemala.

“Over time, my dad began to make great pieces, from little pendants to sculptures that were very popular with tourists and businesses alike. One of his greatest dreams has always been to transmit all of his knowledge to new generations and to foreigners. It was in this way that he had the idea for his most enriching project, which was teaching this art to more people, allowing them to be “artisan for a day,” where he could show the entire process that was involved in the creation of a piece. Each student would be able to choose their stone and convert it into whatever they liked. This experience has taught us many lessons through fun moments that have filled us with joy. We have made great friends who feel like a part of our family.

“My brother, my mom, and I have learned from the best. My dad is an example of strength and perseverance; despite his illnesses and adversities, he continues doing what impassions him. We are very proud of everything that he has achieved. We hope that one day we will have the wisdom and experience that he has.

“Being able to show the world the beauty that you can obtain from nature is something that fills me with great happiness, but above all, I want our work to raise awareness about the pain that we cause nature so that we can begin to take care of it. Nature is a marvelous gift from God and we are very fortunate to receive air, beautiful landscapes, and the flora and fauna provided by nature. Each piece that we make, we make with a lot of dedication. Every piece has its own essence, originality, and a process that is totally special. We promise to continue innovating in our craft so that our clients always have something new and eye-catching.”