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Creative Hands of Oaxaca

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Update (July, 2019)

"We are a collective with the primary goal of helping talented artisans grow, and have worked with you since autumn of 2018. During this time, we've learned a lot about how to improve, especially when it comes to the images we portray in our jewelry and decor accents.

"We really like the visibility we have achieved. Knowing our work will go to people in other countries who appreciate it is very motivating.

This has been a process with a lot of a lot of learning. Little by little, we've become more conscious of the value of quality. Each design carries a part of us, from how we imagine it to the process of crafting it until it becomes what it needs to be. Observing the growth of our group and our ability to organize makes us feel good and proud.

"Your mission of giving us worldwide exposure so people know what is behind our country's culture is wonderful.

"Our group changes constantly, and we have been taught to embrace this. We want to expand and develop more designs that allow us to have a greater presence with you all."

Original Artisan Story

"The Creative Hands of Oaxaca artisan group is formed by people from different areas of this beautiful region of Mexico.

"We work in a variety of media such as tin repoussé, handwoven and embroidered textiles, and jewelry. We also work in metal. We put our hearts and souls as well as our Oaxacan identity into each and every design. At the same time, we are generating employment opportunities in our communities.

"The object of this collective is to work as a team. We support one another and share our skills and knowledge. This helps us grow as artists and as people while we create a sense of preserving the culture of our country.

Everything we've done to create this wonderful group has been a challenge, which has let us learn from every single person in the group. One of these challenges has been the many different languages spoken by members, although we share a common vision that benefits us all.

"Most of the members of Creative Hands of Oaxaca have learned our art from our parents. This is the legacy they have given us. It's our duty to help support the household after school and we do this through the traditions of our people.

"For all of us, our constant and disciplined work has helped us master our crafts, and we know we can't give up. We must be faithful to what we love.

"We have many different sources of inspiration. Each of us feels a different emotion at the moment we create a design. But almost all of us agree that it's our homeland that gives us the lucidity to create new works of art.

"Our common goal is to consolidate our work and share this passion with those who let us. We are grateful to all of you for this opportunity to show our art in other latitudes."