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NOVICA Artisan Fernando Angel Meza

Fernando Angel Meza

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I was the victim of a kidnapping for two years. There were times when I thought that I'd lose my life and I wouldn't see my loved ones again. This experience made me rethink many things. When I was released, physically unharmed, it was like a new start for me.

I left my office job for something related with art, like makeup and design. After some time, I found work as a makeup artist for a very well-known brand. And little by little, I began working on my other passion — designing jewelry.

"Design in general has attracted me from a young age. I remember making sketches of clothing as well as jewelry from clay and, as I grew, I continued trying to learn things related to design. So I believe that I carry art within myself. It's incredible how, in spite of everything, life leads you to find your passion.

"I trained and pushed myself to never stop learning — there's always something new to learn. Not everything will be easy. You have to practice, practice, practice, and research a lot. I consider myself to be self-taught, and am always investigating new techniques.

"What I like about design and handicrafts is that they allow you to create something new every day, to imagine new forms and textures. With so many options sometimes the biggest challenge is not losing your way.

"My inspiration comes from everywhere. Walking down the street, photos on the Internet, sometimes a conversation or a song can inspire me. Sometimes, I see a stone or something else in a store and I can visualize how I could transform it into a ring or a pair of earrings. I love that sensation!

"Starting out on my own has been — and continues to be — very challenging. Above all else, you have to have a lot of self-control and responsibility in order to know how to manage your time. But it's very gratifying when you see you're achieving your goals.

"I'm a loyal and very creative person, a warrior, a hardworking man in all circumstances. I'm very positive and believe that if you really put your heart into something, you will achieve it. One of my great dreams is to be recognized worldwide as a designer."