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NOVICA Artisan Andres Fernandez

Andres Fernandez

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“I am a native of Mexico City, and from a young age I had an incredible passion for painting and graphic art. At the age of seven, I was given a scholarship by the National Institute of Fine Arts.

“One of my main influences in graphic arts was my grandfather, Don Joaquín Cervantes Bassoco, who, during the 40s and 50s, belonged to a distinguished group of illustrators who I believe were the foundation of modern cartoons in Mexico. He taught me to have confidence in my creativity and to face my fear of innovating and making different things.

“You could say that I carry art in my blood. For me, it is vital to express the ideas that are gestating in my mind. My second influence has been the world of the fairies and fantastic stories for which I give a playful atmosphere to all my works. At times they are childlike and fantastic, leaving a touch of “Mexicanity” that is made rich by characters, colors, and textures.

“Mexico is my primary inspiration, with its colors, its happiness, and the history of its traditions. What I like the most is having achieved my own style, showing a contemporary Mexico. Innovation and improving our own achievements is always a challenge.

“The creative process is, more than anything, studying, investigating, and keeping your eyes open. Creativity should find you working; nothing comes suddenly. You have to be curious and obey that intuition.

“Starting from scratch and creating something from nothing always slows you down, as well as being conscious of the people that are by your side during the creative process. In this line of beautiful articles, I use the images of my paintings, imprinting them in the most perfect way in order to create quality textiles.

“My dream is to transcend through art so that my work impacts future generations and that in 100 years to come, my pieces will be the delight of my nation. I fervently believe in the impact that my work has on my surroundings, supporting and transmitting the pride of being Mexican, creating works made by hardworking and talented hands.”