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NOVICA Artisan Paulina and Maria Jose

Paulina and Maria Jose

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We're from Guadalajara, Mexico. We've always liked the beautiful tradition of tooled leather that can be found in the southeast of our country.

Its roots come from San Cristobal de las Casas, Comitan, and Tuxtla Gutierrez in Chiapas, where this art has experienced a great boom. There, leatherwork is primarily used for crafting saddles, and was brought by the Spaniards, who brought horses, sheep and cattle to the Americas.

"Something that we immensely is imagining the new designs and working hard until we achieve a quality, avant-garde handbag. Seeing the finished piece is very gratifying. We find inspiration in our family, friends, and our personal history that we have traced throughout our lives.

"Beginning a project requires focus and desire to rise above the challenges that we face in life. How you resolve them is the key to converting your experience into a great apprenticeship. There is always a way to reinvent yourself and grow.

"Creating handcrafted art has given us the opportunity to closely observe the needs of the artisans who form part of our team. Our values are passion and devotion to what we do. And this is what most distinguishes our work."