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NOVICA Artisan Lydia Mawuenya Amedzrator

Lydia Mawuenya Amedzrator

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I love designing garments and fashion accessories.

My name is Lydia Mawuenya. Friends tell me I'm passionate and daring. I was born in August to Mr. Augustine Amedzrator and Miss Agnes Kpordzo in Accra. I come from a close-knit family of seven, and I'm the third of four children. My mother is a homemaker, while my dad is a retired accountant. My dad believes very much in education and loves reading. He has a library of books, which helped us kids to cultivate the habit of reading anything we could lay hands on.

"When I was in high school, I came across a fashion magazine in my father’s library, and this inspired me and drew me closer to the arts. Though I studied English, Spanish and sociology at the university, I pursued my love for fashion by enrolling in a fashion school on a part-time basis.

"I use 100% cotton in authentic African prints and organic materials such as wooden buttons, shells and traditional beads for my designs. What was always most challenging was finding a sustainable source of funding for my project. I am happy, however, that we have braved the storms boldly. My inspiration comes from my clients, their environment, their life stories and the joy they derive from using my jewelry, apparel and accessories. I design for both women and men.

"I love my work! The beauty and transformation that my craft brings to others is what motivates me to constantly come out with more designs. At first, I sold to friends and family but my workshop grew to eventually supply to institutions and retail shops.

"I believe in giving back to my community and have employed five paid workers, both professionals and non-professionals whom I train in our quality-assurance procedures and the values that drive our endeavor. Their wages go a long way to support their families.

"I hope to get married soon and start my own family. My dream is to see my designs become an internationally known and am looking forward to an all-round exciting relationship with you all."