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NOVICA Artisan Nyoman Karsa

Nyoman Karsa

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This has been such a great year for me, thanks to people from many different countries. Thank you for submitting so many testimonials about my work. May this year bring you all the happiness and good fortune that you have brought to my family.

My name is Nyoman Karsa. I learned woodcarving from my father and the senior artists of my village, for example, the famous Wayan Winten. I have worked in my own art studio since 1987.

I usually carve sculptures from ebony, suar, crocodile, and hibiscus woods. Each of the woods has specific characteristics of color, durability, and aroma. Ebony comes from Sulawesi, while the others grow locally. Mass media and the everyday traditional lifestyle of our environment and community are the sources of my inspiration. Some of my designs deal with traditional dances, the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata, sports, animals, and abstract figures.

When creating a sculpture, I first see it in my mind, making an image of how it would look on a log or a piece of wood. I make a draft on the wood, chiseling the initial form and detailing the parts, finishing it off by smoothing and polishing.

I wish success for all of you and the world's artists!