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Alami Haruna

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I am a fashion designer in Accra. You could describe me as creative, a music and dance lover, and easygoing. I started sewing when I was 15 by making dresses for dolls and helping my uncle with stitching. After my junior secondary education, my passion for designing grew deeper, and I told my parents I wanted to pursue this career. I enrolled for a year at a fashion school and afterward I did a bit of an apprenticeship with some fashion designers. Although I wasn't paid, I worked with energy and love.

Then I joined my uncle in his shop and began sewing for customers for free. When I started earning a little money, I used it to purchase a sewing machine and other sewing tools and supplies. I have been sewing professionally since 2008 and I still work from my uncle's shop. When I started, people would tell me that sewing is for school dropouts, so I should pursue something else. But I'm proud I went ahead with my passion and am making it now.

"My focus and determination and my faith in God are what brought me this far. I also found it helpful not to listen to discouragement from others and mastered my craft by continuous practice.

"What attracts me to fashion is the sight of people wearing my designs and the compliments I receive. I also enjoy choosing fabrics and combining them.

"So far, I have taught four people to sew, and foreign university students come to learn from me. My inspiration is greatly derived from God and nature.

"I visit great stylists and fashion designers for help whenever I find it difficult to come up with a style, and I help others also when they need me. My plans for the future are to grow my project into an international fashion house where people can learn this art. I also want to help the less fortunate.

"I really love combining colors to achieve a unique design. I pay attention to details and have the energy and passion to achieve the best results, even if it means staying up all night."