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NOVICA Artisan Julio Juarez

Julio Juarez

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What attracted most to silver was the variety of processes and materials I could use, from modeling a design in wax to melting the metal. You could say that silver captivated me.

. I'm a jewelry designer and artisan born in Taxco. My friends who are also jewelry designers got me interested in creating my own collection.

"My teacher was Edmundo Guerrero, and I'm grateful for his guidance and talent. But more than anything, it was time that has made me perfect and create new designs. Time has been my judge.

"One of the processes I enjoy most is seeing how a piece of melted silver is transformed into an incredible design filled with harmony. This is what I love to share with every one of you.

"Along the way, I learned to organize my tasks and learn the processes of silverwork. It was a former employer who helped me in incredible ways to place my own mark on each process.

"One of my deepest reasons for doing what I do is that I want to preserve the beautiful tradition of Taxco silver. This legacy dates back to the Olmecs and continued during the colonial period. When the city of Taxco was founded in 1593, the Olmec techniques and those of the Spaniards were combined to create articles for use in religious ceremonies.

"Taxco silver is unique. Each kilogram has a purity of 925 grams, which is impossible to achieve in other countries with silver of a lower quality.

"My goal for this year is to expand my workshop to offer more jobs to my community that has given me so much."