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NOVICA Artisan Victor Ayambire

Victor Ayambire

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“I am Victor Ayambire, a very trustworthy, hardworking and result-oriented individual who hails from Bolga in the Upper East region of Ghana. My life growing up was never a bed of roses. Because of poverty, my schooling was miserable and hectic, so I enrolled myself as an apprentice to a carver.

“Growing up, my aim has always been to be an entrepreneur, and own my own business. So I was very studious in learning the craft from my masters. The beauty of crafting and designing is what draws me close to art. With regular practice and seriousness I was able to learn to carve and finish wooden pieces. I can design a wide range of home decor accessories like masks, tables, and so on. I make use of materials like wood, metal plate, and sandpaper.

“I am frequently complimented for my artistic nature. I have trained a lot of the local youth, and my aim is to be one of the best.”