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NOVICA Artisan Neha Virmani

Neha Virmani

“I am Neha Virmani from the capital city of India, Delhi. I was born in 1979 and my friends say that I am a fun-loving, caring and trustworthy person.

“Life has many ups and downs. I have been battling with multiple sclerosis for the last eight years, and I am proud to be leading a normal life in spite of the disease. But it has not affected the creative side of my work.

“I have had just one thought since my childhood. I have been obsessed with jewelry. My decision to design jewelry was intuitive, not logical. There was no pressure on me to perform, but just follow my heart; and today I feel very contented. I took a comprehensive jewelry design, manufacture, and gemstone grading course at the Jewelry Design and Technology Institute, Noida in Uttar Pradesh. My teacher, Pallavi Gandhi, was extremely patient and creative, and I learned a lot from her.

“It has been a beautiful journey doing what I have always dreamt of. I have deep-rooted connections to Rajasthan. Having grown up in the land of maharajas and royalty, I had a penchant for designing theme-based jewelry from the very beginning. I have succeeded in creating a brand that blends old traditions with contemporary designs, to give my customers a unique ethno-contemporary look.

“Now I have my own workshop with a team of 8 artisans and my husband to assist me. We use silver, gold and other alloys. My favorite thing about designing is that it is a fascinating eye-opener. It has widened my horizons to new ideas and techniques. I get my inspiration from nature and all the beautiful things around me. The artisans who craft my designs follow their hearts and the flow of the design, keeping in mind the simplicity, minute details and the intricacies of the design.

“My hope for the future is to grow in my work by designing and crafting new pieces. My motto is to satisfy every customer’s requirement as per their taste. I love to sketch my designs by hand, in order to create multiple designs each day to cater to a global audience. My passion for designing and manufacturing provides employment to my assistants and helps them to do what they enjoy doing. They also get financial stability and the opportunity to live a comfortable life.

“I am a proud mother of a 9-year-old daughter, and I wish to nurture her with good values to live in this society.

“I am very thankful to find a platform to exhibit my designs to a global audience. I hope that you will appreciate and like my designs.”