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NOVICA Artisan Ivan Martinez

Ivan Martinez

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“My name is Iván Martínez and I was born in the state of San Luis Potosí. Since I was very young, I had the good fortune to be in the field of making Talavera-style ceramics. It was my parents who started the heritage of ceramics, and thanks to them I learned their secrets and processes.

“I became interested in creating modern pieces using ancient ceramic techniques, such as baking and high temperature decoration. I decide to focus more on creating colorful designs on general utility pieces for every aspect of the home. Artisan ceramics is one of the main productive activities in Guanajuato, since it was promoted by Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla over 200 years ago. The clay that is used in the ceramics is very rich in this region of Mexico. Each piece is made around or cast in a mold, and later they are passed on for decoration and baking.

“Each piece has a very special sense of inspiration for each member of the team. The main goal is to continue preserving the beautiful tradition that Miguel Hidalgo left behind; as well as capturing a part of each one of us in the beautiful decorations.

“As we are a family, the beginning of this beautiful project implied a lot of commitment from each member. Since we were very young children, we grew up observing the details and processes. Not just the style; but also the preparation. We want to continue growing as an artisan family, creating new and colorful pieces for the utility of everyday life, to give a touch of color to the home.”