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NOVICA Artisan Adriana Avalos

Adriana Avalos

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“I am Adriana Avalos; I currently reside in León, in the state of Guanajuato--the national capital of leather crafts. I began to specialize in color when I worked in a workshop. It was there that I got to know textures, colors, leathers and techniques; and each one left a mark on me. And I completely fell in love with leather goods. I took some courses to learn its rules, secrets and how to transform it into unique designs.

“When I managed to create my first bag, feeling the paint on my hands and watching it take shape on the leather, I knew that I wanted to create designs full of creativity and with a touch of nature. I use cowhide and pigskin to give each piece a unique flexibility.

“What I am most passionate about regarding my work is the process of engraving and painting each piece. It is one of the most challenging parts. Each of my pieces is inspired by nature, and by all those shapes that have a repetitive pattern and that give an Illusion of movement.

“I put each of my moments of inspiration into action. I particularly like to show what Mexican crafts are, such as Talavera, and each one I capture in my bags. Starting this beautiful project has resulted in a challenge full of learning; from knowing myself and especially understanding my mistakes. These have been my great teachers. By working something with my own hands, I realize the enormous capacity of the human being, and how she is capable of achieving a wonderful thing.

“I sincerely wish to expose my work to more latitudes of this beautiful planet, as well as to be able to function in several languages and share my passion for Mexican art.”