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NOVICA Artisan Rishab Tandon

Rishab Tandon

“I am Rishab Tandon from Lucknow, the City of Nawabs; famous for its heritage and chikankari hand embroidery work. My friends say that I am very creative, diligent and passionate about my work.

“Since my childhood days, I was fascinated by the brilliance of the varied kinds of fabrics and embroidery work, and I wanted to join this textile world. My father is an expert in hand chikankari embroidery work, and I learned this craft from my father. I studied fashion design and fashion merchandising and pursued a diploma course from the Indian Institute of Export Management.

“In the year 2010, I started my own workshop with a team of 11 artisans. I decided to create garments with chikankari embroidery, as I am very attracted towards the intricate beauty and grandeur of it. The thought that one simple needle and thread can create magic is magical in itself. We manufacture all kinds of ladies, men’s and kid’s garments and specialize in hand and machine embroidery, especially hand chikankari work. We also manufacture garments with appliqué, beads and sequins. We ardently supervise all our products to maintain the superior quality. We try to keep one eye on the changing market trends and one to keep vigilance on systematic management and inspections at every level. We ensure standard quality with timely delivery to meet our customer’s expectations.

“Many women from the nearby villages work on a part-time basis with us, since it is difficult for them to come to the workshop to work as they have to look after their children, family and home. We deliver the designed fabrics and other necessary things required for chikankari work to their homes; they in turn complete the work and then we get it collected. In this way, they get an opportunity to earn money and do something of their own. Presently, I have a team of 50 local artisans, mainly women, thus empowering them in this unique skill. Working with me gives the artisans a fixed income and a stable life.

“My designs are inspired by nature. I myself take care of the color combinations used for each fabric and garment. We have participated in IIGF and other local fairs. We also have customers from Portugal, Uruguay, and Germany who are in love with our chikankari work. We try to give our customers the best.

“I dream of covering the globe with our elegant chikankari apparel. I am thankful to NOVICA for giving me a platform to showcase my unique designs to the whole world. I hope that you will appreciate my designs and embroidery work.”