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NOVICA Artisan Anamaria Vieira

Anamaria Vieira

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I try to create poetry with my sculpture and to transmit feelings that I try and capture for others. One of the main characteristics of my work is the ambiguity of form and movement, marked above all by curved and straight lines. I create modern sculpture. My work is not preconceived, but I begin carving the form until I discover something totally unexpected and surprising, filled with emotion.

I was born in the state of Minas Gerais, and my incursion in the fine arts goes back to my adolescence. I took drawing and painting classes, and began to experiment with sculpture in an autodidactic way around 1988. In 1992, I entered the faculty of fine arts in a Rio de Janeiro university. I had contact with other techniques, such as the woodcut, but I finished exclusively as a sculptor. The contact with great masters such as Jaime Sampaio, Helena Quintela and Mirian Garnier was fundamental for me to proceed with confidence in my career.

"Ever since, I have been participating in collective and individual exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro and throughout Brazil. In the 1990 Salão Nacional da Mulher, I was awarded a gold medal." In 200, she received a silver medal in the Fine Arts Sea Salon as well as a bronze medal in that same year.