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NOVICA Artisan Rosario Sulca

Rosario Sulca

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Born June 2, 1965, Rosario Sulca studied interior decoration and marketing. She launched her career together with her husband. Initially dedicated to clothing, they were later encouraged by friends to venture into jewelry.

This was not an overnight decision and several years passed before they did so. Sulca designed and they had the pieces crafted. But her husband became so fascinated with the project that he learned the process. Now, each one creates their own designs. Sulca and her husband are united in their passion for jewelry, but they differ in style.

Dedicated to their craft since 1992, she tells us that, "Inspiration makes me be born again with each new creation, while motivation comes from a desire to succeed." Currently she works in art glass and has been exhibiting her work. "We are grateful for this opportunity to present our designs through Novica," they say.