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NOVICA Artisan Marcos Luzalde

Marcos Luzalde

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Jose Marcos Luzalde Rosales was born in 1952. A self-taught artist, he began to work at the age of 17 at a neighbor's workshop. After only a year, Marcos decided to take the plunge and begin working on his own, gradually gaining renown for the beauty and quality of his work.

He is the proud father of five children. Two of his daughters have become his eager students as they follow him down this artistic path. He teaches them everything, from designing a piece to carving and applying the right finish.

To this Andean artisan, his craft is like a hobby. He's been working in wood since 1969 and, to him, it feels like only yesterday when he began. "Woodwork makes me feel good about myself because it means it's a way of preserving an aspect of Peruvian artistry," he confides. Having met and surpassed all the challenges that establishing his own workshop implied, Marcos Luzalde is confident that his work will please you all.