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NOVICA Artisan Withaya Cheunjit

Withaya Cheunjit

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My name is Withaya Cheunjit and Achara, another featured artist, is my loving wife. We have been working together for over 20 years. We use high purity silver, which is handmade by skilled silversmiths, especially by our good friends, the hill tribe people. We make most of our own designs, but we also integrate various designs of tribal origin. Achara's style concentrates on silver, whereas my style includes ornate silver beads and gemstones. I personally enjoy creating my own designs, especially when they become unique pieces.

My love for design is what motivated me to graduate in architecture. I got interested in silver jewelry when I moved to Chiang Mai. I centered all of my efforts into learning how to design and create silver jewelries such as rings, bracelets, and bangles with my hands. Now I work more on new designs that incorporate charms, silver jewelry mixed with stones, and silver beads.

"I was born in Prachuapkhirikhan, but I fell in love with Chiang Mai, its charm, its traditions and the beauty of its nature. I spend my leisure time up in the mountains, biking and racing motorbikes. Besides the thrill, I also draw inspiration for my designs.

"I am so happy to be able to link my two favorite hobbies together. If I would have to summarize myself in one short sentence, I would say that I am at heart a jewelry designer who loves motorbike racing."