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NOVICA Artisan Milagro Johanson

Milagro Johanson

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My first steps in the world of art began when I worked in a costume jewelry factory. I was never still. This is how I learned about all aspects of crafting jewelry. When I realized I could create my own jewelry collection, I began to do so with love and passion!

Since 1998, I've been working independently as a jewelry designer. I work with other skilled silversmiths, and everyone on the team is involved in the crafting and finishing of each piece. Our goal is to create marvelous jewelry, handmade by Peruvian hands.

"For us, each design is like a child. From the time we develop the idea, we can hardly wait to see the finished jewelry. It is a very exciting process.

"We want our jewelry to complement women's beauty – students, homemakers, businesswomen, executives, in other words, today's woman.

"My life, my inspiration and my greatest joy is my son. He helps me move forward each day and see new delight in every moment.

"Through our jewelry, we want you to see the creativity, effort and dedication of Peruvian hands."