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NOVICA Artisan Rose Filgueiras

Rose Filgueiras

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I was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1962, where my parents had migrated to from Brazil's northeast. I was born with a natural talent for design and color. Every space, including wardrobe doors, and as far as my arms could reach, became my personal space where I painted dolls and multicolored suns. My dad was forever encouraging me – each time he had the house painted my compositions would obviously be painted over, so he would give me a new set of coloring pencils or watercolors. That way I could start new compositions, which he proudly exhibited to our visitors. Who as a child had such a supportive 'curator?'

As a teenager I kept experimenting with different materials and I took several courses. My search for new materials went deeper when I studied at Rio de Janeiro's Federal Faculty of Fine Arts, as well as Industrial Design at the City's Faculty. That's when I was experimenting mainly with fiberglass, steel, and wood. In 2003, I took a basic and an advanced jewelry course at Mourão's workshop, where I also did my apprenticeship. In 2005, I did a postgraduate course on jewelry design at Rio's Pontifícia Universidade Católica.

"As I journey into the realm of jewelry, I am certain I have uncovered the ideal vehicle to express my artistic instincts. It is a need as basic as breathing or eating. I regard my artistic talent as a gift from God. I feel it is a duty of every artistically inclined person to express their creativity with care and dedication, so they may bring to the world pleasure and beauty. Humans do not live on bread alone.

"From the time of my first projects, back in 1984, my search for materials has always been natural, with a keen interest for materials I regard as 'alternative.' I look for materials that reflect Brazil's economic and social reality, and that will not harm the environment.

"I see this association with Novica like a great vitrine and a spectacular exhibition hall to which a vast number of people have access. I feel confident and reassured by this new venture."