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NOVICA Artisan Janet Molloy

Janet Molloy

A deep emotional response to the myriad colors of the Universe has been the principal influence in Janet's life. She was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, where her father specialized in luxury textiles and her mother was a fashion designer. Through these influences Janet extended her early love of color to fabric and design. "While other children played with toys, I preferred going to dad's office to play with colorful fabric swatches, which I eventually sewed into glamorous clothes for my dolls. By the time I was 12 years old, I was designing and making most of my own clothes," recalls Janet. Nobody was surprised when she refused to train as a teacher and began working instead at one of Australia's leading atelier of women's apparel.

Thanks to her father's international business connections she was introduced at an early age to the people and cuisines of many different countries. The vibrant colors of these new ingredients and flavors appealed to her as she helped her mother cook new dishes, which were very exotic in suburban Australia in the '50s. Janet expanded this passion when she became a professional chef and studied hotel management.

On her first visit to Bali in 1976, Janet felt an immediate affinity for the island and its people. Subsequent trips increased her appreciation of Bali's unique culture and culminated in her relocating permanently in 1988, when she married a Balinese man and had two children, Nino and Liliana.

"Bali has a reputation for unleashing people's creativity and, since settling here, I've become somewhat of an entrepreneur, with a handicrafts and a silver jewelry workshop, amongst others. My most recent venture is 'Goddess on the Go!' It's a collection of eco friendly travel and leisure clothing for women. As a frequent traveler, I've experienced the need for versatile, easy to launder clothing with simple lines that I could accessorize with my colorful gem-laden jewelry. The garments are designed to feel sensual but also be comfortable. Unable to locate such garments in Bali, I decided to go ahead and create such a collection for myself and other like-minded women."