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Hari and Arthur

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I'm Subur Hariyanto, but everyone calls me Hari. I was born in Blitar, home to the largest ancient Hindu temple in East Java and a semi-active volcano called Kelud Mountain. Blitar is also famous for its local fruits like rambutan and pineapple. I married a beautiful woman who was my classmate in high school and we have one daughter.

My father was a tailor. He taught me to use a sewing machine and to make clothing. After three months, I was able to make my own shirts and pants, which I sold to my friends, neighbors and relatives.

In 1989, I decided to move to Bali because friends said a tailor could find more work there. Bali is so beautiful, with its tropical scenery, verdant landscapes, and stunning coast and beaches. Tradition, culture and art are very strong on the island. I opened a small tailor shop while my wife started a catering business. After a few years, my wife started to help me in my workshop.

For me, the key to success is to be brave, strong, willing and honest. I got many orders after I moved to Bali. I could even hire friends from Java to help me here.

One day, I met Arthur, a designer who was looking for a tailor in a textile shop. He needed a talented person to make his batik designs. We've been working together since 2001. He has taught me many things and always supported me to grow. We blend fashionable designs with ethnic patterns using high quality cotton, rayon and silk.

Hopefully, more people worldwide will see and like my work.