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Pedro Alba

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I come from a family of humble means from the beautiful state of Guanajuato. Dad was a bus driver and mom stayed at home looking after my five sisters and me. I learned from an early age to work hard to be able to provide for the family, because I had to work when I was in primary school.

With a lot of effort and hard work I managed to stay in school and graduate as a teacher. While working as a teacher from 1979 to 1990, I supplemented my income by being a salesperson for a ceramics workshop. I developed my own client base but, at some point, the workshop couldn't keep with their orders, which motivated me to start my own workshop. I opened it in 1979 and I specialize in Talavera style ceramics for décor and for service.

I've taken quite a few ceramic courses around the country, organized by Mexico's Ceramists' Society. My technique is 100% hand-crafted and I use mineral glazes and paints. I've kept the first vase I've ever made and my pieces are characterized by my own specific style. I enjoy developing new designs. Over the years, my workshop has grown to such an extent that I can offer work to people in my community. I'm pleased with the working environment we've created – we really enjoy working with each other.

However, that has become my greatest challenge – to ensure there are always enough orders so that the artisans in the workshop will always have work, and that I can continue to provide my children with a good education.

In 1998, I went back to college and earned a degree in international commerce. In 1998 and 2004 I received state awards for my work and, from 2004 to 2007, I organized seminars, workshops and courses with the top ceramists of Mexico.

I've had the opportunity to show my work through individual and group exhibits in the United States and in several countries in Europe, Central and South America.

I'm happy about working with you and sharing a part of each one of us through our handcrafted ceramics.