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NOVICA Artisan Wilmer Vilchez

Wilmer Vilchez

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I was born in San Pedro de Cajas, moved to Huancayo when I was 14 years, and entered the wonderful world of textiles just by watching my parents. I was fascinated! I learned from them gradually, and they taught me all the serets of working with alpaca fleece. As time went by, I began to work with them and, eventually, they put me in charge of the family workshop.

I describe my art like I do my feelings — that is, I weave how I feel when I'm designing, and I use colors and different types of weaves to convey how I feel, the happiness in my heart. My motivation comes from my deep love for this art, to what I do. You can see it through the dedication and effort I put into every piece.

"The greatest challenge I've had to face is actually ongoing — I'm determined to always aim for the best, whether as a person, a worker or a team leader.

"To all of you, all I can say is thank you, and God bless you."