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NOVICA Artisan Desi Antari

Desi Antari

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My jewelry reflects me in life – it's simple, minimalist and natural. I put that character into every piece of jewelry that I create. My inspiration comes from the beauty of nature here in Bali, and also from websites and magazines.

I was born in a village known for its silverwork. Seeing artisans at work each day made me want to be like them and become a good jewelry designer and silversmith. I'm a lucky girl, because I was born into a family who created and produced silver jewelry. Even my parents still create and manage in the conventional way.

My friends and my parents know me as an easygoing person, humble and friendly. I am so grateful that I never felt a difficult moment in life. Whatever the situation, sadness or what may be difficult for other people, I always try to face it as a sign of love that God shares with me and makes me blessed. I just try to see everything in positive ways. That's what my father always taught me about life.

My hobbies are playing sports and designing, not only jewelry. I got married in 2011 and moved to be with my husband's family. They used to work with silver jewelry as well. So, I can keep my hobby and support my husband's workshop.

Since life is so beautiful for me, my mom and my dad have been good teachers in crafting jewelry. They taught me how to make it, to be patient... to feel the passion, feel the satisfaction, to do it with my heart.

The most challenging part of my work is when I have a design idea in my own imagination and in real life it's really difficult to make it come true. I always try many alternative ways until I achieve what I want. Difficult doesn't mean I cannot make it, it just takes me a little bit longer.

I'm working with my husband and my other relatives as well. I'm glad that I can help a lot with their economical problems. I love to continue the traditions of my family while bringing our workshop into this new century by using modern technology and online systems.

My uncle, who was already a featured artist, introduced me to you. I saw him being a good artisan and how you enhanced his life. This is a part of my goal, too. I hope you can help me, my family, my relatives and also the people surrounding us.