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NOVICA Artisan Kobina Asmah

Kobina Asmah

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I did not become interested in art. Rather, it is a talent I was born with as it runs through my family. My father painted, and I also have a flair for drawing and painting. This makes designing masks something that comes naturally to me.

Hi, I am Kobina and I was born in Asamankese, Eastern Ghana. I am a hardworking and honest person who loves animals.

"What I did to hone my skills was to visit art workshops where I could observe artisans busy at work designing masks. I was so eager to learn more, that I got a raw mask and started to make designs on the mask and paint it with acrylic paints. The outcome was very good, and that is how I started in this art form.

"I am not a carver, so I count on some people to carve the wood masks and then I create the designs. Since I don't carve myself, I must look for people who are hardworking and committed to their craft, so that whenever they promise to deliver my carvings, they are true to their word and are honest persons.

"I have been able to train about three people on how to design masks and they have all decided to remain with me after completing their apprenticeship.

"My favorite thing about this art is designing metals, which are used to decorate the masks in a most artistic form.

"However, the most challenging aspect has to do with the rising cost of the raw materials.

"Nature and the documentaries I watch on TV inspire my work. My dream for the future is to be able to expand this venture of mine. I hope the next generation in my family takes interest in this art, wishes to preserve it, and give continuity to what I have started."