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Adriana Jimenez

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I'm Adriana Elizabeth Jimenez Dominguez, born February 23, 1971. My friends say I'm principled, organized and hardworking.

I began designing home furnishings in 2004 — simply because I enjoy it — and we created several lines of large furniture. The toughest moments in my life were due to economic reasons. The changes in the global economy since 2008 have affected me a lot, and we've had to downsize our workshop. But I also see the good side of things, because these changes forced me to begin a new line of small furniture, and what's interesting about them is that they can be disassembled.

"I dream of being financially stable one day so that I can cover the needs of my family. I also hope that my designs will be recognized internationally someday. "What I enjoy most about crafting home furnishings from wood is giving a new life to these tree trunks. I have a lot of love for my work, and this lets me create prettier designs that can be used in the most special places.

"I'm a woman who has always wanted to get ahead in life, and I know that every day we learn something new. I've learned through observation, experimentation and correcting my mistakes. Perseverance has also been a help.

"These days, it's difficult to sell furniture due to the competition we get from cheaper products that aren't as well made. But I believe the sun rises for everyone, and I'm determined to maintain the prestige of Mexican furniture crafted from fine woods, furniture that is original and strong, made to last a lifetime, with modern and also antique designs.

"My inspiration comes from my love for the fine arts and the beautiful antique furnishings from Mexico's grand haciendas. For me, the carpenter is like a sculptor — he creates a work of art from a rough, formless piece of wood, and he satisfies the customer in every sense. "I use pinewood and wood from the rosy trumpet tree, which I protect with lacquer and sometimes paint in colors.

"Working on my own has brought me great satisfaction — efforts, achievements and experiences — that I can see in my workshop, which is a source of jobs. For shoppers who choose our designs, it is a source of enjoyment when they acquire an original, lasting, quality piece of work at a fair price."