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NOVICA Artisan Andrea Tejeda

Andrea Tejeda

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My childhood was just like anybody else's: I wasn't into sports and I didn't excel at anything in particular. I did, however, love to entertain people.

I was born in 1992 in Guatemala City and I grew up with my parents, siblings and my paternal grandmother. No one in my family is an artisan as such, but I do believe that in some way, there is an artistic streak in each one of us.

"I love wearing unique accessories that show my personality. When I was a little girl, I used to watch my mom and grandmother knit for my siblings and I, and I think those memories have something to do with my taste for individuality in a design. That's how I got into designing and crafting my own accessories. When I realized that people that know me liked my designs, I decided to venture into the world of arts and crafts and share my creativity.

"The first thing I knitted by hand was a hat for my older brother and I had such fun because, lacking in experience, it came out looking like some type of helmet that would protect him from signals from outer space! And yet, I proudly showed it off to my family, who obviously tried to figure out what was it… they had all sorts of suggestions but no one ever guessed it was a hat!

"I love to knit and crochet, so I took several online courses to hone my skills and now I have my own little venture and I work from home.

"My interest in this art deepened when I was looking for a way to express what I like, what I feel, and what I think. Designing and crafting a bracelet has a soothing effect on me and I find it motivating too. It inspires me to continue developing as a designer.

"The nicest part of this craft is seeing people expressing interest in my designs. I also love the challenge of keeping up with the trends in design and color. My inspiration comes from nature, music, and spirituality, as well as my dream of one day having my own company where I can design accessories as well as apparel.

"When I receive large orders my sisters come in and help – I teach them first how each technique goes, and then we craft the pieces together.

"There are other things I love too. For example I love being around animals and I love playing with my pets. I also love sunny days and spending quality time with my family and friends. And I also enjoy having time to myself, relaxing listening to music or reading – this is how I fill my life!

"Thank you for choosing my jewelry, because this is how I share my feelings and dreams."