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NOVICA Artisan Jocelyn Schreiber

Jocelyn Schreiber

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I was three months old when we moved to Lima, but I was born in Huaraz, Peru. I look at the world with the eyes of an artist with a sense of the practical, a gift I inherited from my father who is an architect. My mother is a teacher by profession and an entrepreneur at heart, and she taught me to view life with positivity. I love music, dancing, painting, traveling and technology. But above all, I love to create.

I worked full time as a systems engineer for 15 years, but I had to resign when I was pregnant with my third child to avoid any complications with my pregnancy. It was a hard decision to make but I thank the Lord I had a healthy baby girl. And, I found another outlet for my creative passion through jewelry.

"My first contact with silver as a material came when I had the opportunity to take a course in repoussé. I was fascinated with the malleability of silver and its capacity to be transformed into beautiful objects of personal use, and eventually become a treasured piece of jewelry.

"I imagine it, and then I create the piece. But the most important factor comes when it is appreciated and worn by other people, and continues with its own story.

"I've had to put in a lot of effort and learn many new things, which actually motivated me to continue. My inspiration comes from remembrances, new situations, and any trip I take because they generate feelings and sentiments that I want to share through my designs.

"Peru is a never ending source of inspiration, and I'm interested in today's Peru as well as in today's women.

"After creating a new design I usually make the first piece and then I share it with the artisans I work with, who really enjoy their craft. We mainly work with silver and gemstones.

"The process of crafting a piece of jewelry makes it possible to offer work to artisans and contribute to the general development of the craft. My next plan is to get involved in issues of social assistance and the preservation of the environment.

"My friends say I'm creative and honest, and that I persevere. I've enjoyed many fun experiences in my lifetime, but without a doubt the best will always be the ones I've shared with my three children who every day surprise me and fill me with pride.

"I sign my designs as Muna, which is derived from the Quechua verb munay meaning to care as well as feeling well, love well, and wish well. I enjoy creating a piece of jewelry - it allows me to express and transmit positive feelings and the emotions that inspired it. By sharing my designs it is my wish that you identify with it, and are happy to wear it. This is what motivates me, this is MUNA, and this is me."