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Vari Garcia

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I was born in the city of Cuzco, where I lived until I was 16. Then I moved to Arequipa to study commercial engineering and international business. These studies gave me the basis to rescue our Peruvian traditions and develop designs that showcase the textures and colors of our Andean textile arts.

I traveled a lot in Peru, learning from and working with very kind people who taught me the art of alpaca wool colored with natural dyes, how to spin, knit and weave. I added a bit of design and tried to combine these fabric arts with modern fashion trends.

"I've loved design since I was a young girl and I always wanted to create new looks with essence and history. The best way I've found is to work together with artisan communities in Cuzco, the place where I was born. The work we do together is most satisfying. These are true artisans who are always willing to learn and create new designs, and they carry out their work with love and dedication.

"Alpaca artistry is unique. I love working with these materials — they have wonderful qualities! We tint the yarn with natural dyes. Over time, I've modernized and adapted my design style to today's fashions. Crocheted trim is a unique finishing and makes the person wearing our apparel feel comfortable, fresh, trendy and connected with the environment.

"I'm a commercial engineer and my specialty is business design and international fashion. These studies gave me the basis for rescuing our Peruvian traditions and developing designs that show off the textures and colors of our Andean textile arts.

"My inspiration comes from my country and from the city of Cuzco. I love to experiment with new colors and textures and, at the same time, with figures and images from the Incas. In this way, we are sharing our Andean culture with the world.

"We also try to generate more jobs and a better quality of life for our collaborators because, together, we all share the same goal. That is to offer shoppers the best designs and quality as well as the essence of the Andes."

"I give thanks to God and I'm grateful to my family. The have always believed in me. They are the reason I pursue my dreams. I believe we are united in our differences and are able to create an ambience of happiness and harmony. We can share with others through love. This is why I enjoy what I do each day with my mind, heart and soul. I try to show this in my designs."

In 2013, Vari Garcia was named Ambassador of International Fashion in the Melange Fashion Show in the USA for her alpaca designs, and for promoting this incredible natural fiber worldwide. She won an award for innovation from Peru's tourism sector in 2017 and in the US State Department's Young Leaders of America Initiative in 2018.