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NOVICA Artisan Yus Swarmana

Yus Swarmana

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I was born in 1990 in Denpasar, Bali, and grew up in Celuk, where almost everyone is a silversmith. It was really interesting. This town is famous for its handmade silver and gold crafts. Most of us focus on creating new items — especially jewelry — that is sold in our shops that also attract tourists to this paradise island.

I'm the second of three children from a simple ordinary family. My parents are silversmiths and we have a small workshop where my parents work hard to achieve a better life for us.

My childhood was really nice and I'll always have those good memories. My parents really care about us and love us as much as they can. Even when times were very difficult — like when the bombing in Bali caused tourism to drop to almost zero — we survived in those very limited conditions. Thank you, Mother and Father. You gave us very good memories and I was even able to graduate from the university due to your hard work.

People say I'm polite, sociable, friendly and flexible. I'm a single guy who likes autos and sports. I'm also interested in jewelry and want to continue and improve on what my parents achieved. They taught me all about silver work when I was a boy, and now is the right time for me to show the world that I can help develop my parents' workshop.

Like other silversmiths in Bali, we use only traditional tools like hammers, scissors, and manual polish. I focus on using sterling silver, beautified with natural gemstones.

What I find really interesting is designing — how to transform my own designs from an idea that previously existed only in my imagination into something real. Bali gives me unlimited unique inspiration based on our Balinese culture and tradition. I work with the help of my girlfriend and several silversmiths.

I discovered you while browsing the Internet and I am really interested in working with to develop our jewelry, increase our market and help my parents' workshop grow.