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NOVICA Artisan Lawrence Kattah

Lawrence Kattah

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Update (August, 2019)

My name is Lawrence Kattah, and for five years I have been a part of this prestigious company, NOVICA. As an artist, my major challenge has been marketing my products ,therefore when I had the opportunity to join NOVICA, I did not spare it any thought at all.

“My business has thrived a lot since I joined NOVICA, since I have had an avenue to advertise and sell my products. Today I have been able to expand my shop, and I employ 5 shop assistants, 4 males and 1 female. I'm also now capable of paying for my ward's fees, as compared to before when things were very difficult for me.

“The period in the year that I really make sales is the holiday season; a large number of my products are purchased during this season. I will encourage customers to keep purchasing my products in order for me to have the financial freedom to expand my new product base on the website.”

Original Artisan Story

“I am Lawrence Kattah, and I was born at Aburi in the eastern region of Ghana. I am considered a hardworking and trustworthy person. I create sculptures and musical instruments. Art is an innate gift, and out of passion I found myself in the art business. I learned this skill from my eldest brother. I have taught a couple of apprentices, and I also assist visual arts students with their practical works.

“My favorite thing about my art is the quality and uniqueness. I use sese wood, iron rod, and acrylic paints to produce my items, and they are easy to work with. The challenge is the difficulty in obtaining the raw materials, and also in the marketing of my items. I am inspired by the Almighty God with the designs I create.

“I am hoping to make it big in life, so that my family can enjoy the good life. I have plans to open workshops across the country, to create employment for the unemployed. My biggest dream is to become a well-known artist and establish an art school.”